About Us



For over 200 years, the locomotive engine has played a significant role in building nations, connecting people, and accelerating progress. Its early impact was decisive in the development of industrial societies, and still today the locomotive engine continues to help shape the world. The iconic locomotive engine has come to symbolize strength, power, ambition, ingenuity, innovation, resilience, and an unwavering forward drive.

At Engine Design Group we are inspired by these great machines of yesterday. We share in the symbolic principles that these iconic machines have come to exemplify and the pioneering spirit that they evoke. As we design and build our products we reflect on the locomotive engine as an example of how a great product can change the world.

Founded in 2015 in Los Angeles California, we are an ambitious Team of artists, athletes, scientists and adventurers. We are a mixed group of jocks, geeks, dreamers and above all passionate product-people. We started Engine Design Group with the goal to create quality products that compliment and help enhance the lives of our Customers. As product-people ourselves, we expect that the products that we buy and use everyday to perform and fulfill on the promises that encouraged us to buy them. At Engine Design Group, we reflect on these values daily, mindful of our commitment to our customers, knowing that they too have these same high expectations from the products that we make.

We design and manufacture premium connect-protect-carry solutions for the work-hard and play-harder group. Our products serve the Sport/ Fitness, Work/ Computing and Travel/ Adventure lifestyles and communities. We have a no-nonsense approach with the product that we offer. It needs to work great, look great, and last. We want our customers to be delighted when receiving their product and for the sentiment to endure for as long as they own and use the product. We believe in what we do, and what we make. We back all of our products with an ironclad (like a locomotive!) industry-leading lifetime warranty. We are proud of the products that we make, and we sincerely hope that you like them too.

We dedicate what we do to the Doers of the world. Those that operate Engines of various kinds, including the engine you call yourself. Because you work and play hard like an Engine, you deserve products that are built to perform and endure like one.


The NGN Team