Mo-Fit® Heart Rate Monitor - Quick Start | Set Up - HELP

Quick Start:

  1. Snap the Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) module to the chest strap, ensuring that the “Mo-Fit” logo is positioned right-side up when worn.
  2. Adjust the length of the chest strap so that it fits comfortably snug around your torso, and directly on your skin. HRM must be worn on your skin, not on top of a shirt or sport bra.
  3. Position the strap just below your chest muscle, and just above your topmost abs.Check to ensure a comfortable but secure fit. The HRM should stay in place during bounce tests. Adjust strap length as necessary.
  4. Moisten both rubberized electrodes on the backside of the strap to help create a strong conductive connection between chest and HRM.
  5. Turn on your ANT+ or Bluetooth 4.0 compatible device (and fitness app if required) and bring within range to pair with your HRM.

Please Note: Your new Mo-fit HRM operates with advanced, ultra-low power consumption, wireless technology. The HRM does not need to be turned ON or OFF like a conventional electronic device. When not in use (paired and communicating with your device), the HRM enters into a state of standby/ hibernation sleep.

IMPORTANT: All external HRMs must initially be "paired" with your smartwatch/ fitness tracker. After pairing for the first time, your Mo-Fit HRM will automatically pair during future use.