Mo-Fit® Heart Rate Monitor - Troubleshooting - HELP

Every Mo-fit Heart Rate Monitor is individually Quality Control tested, and equipped with a new CR2032 battery, prior to leaving our Factory.

If your Mo-Fit Heart Rate Monitor is not working as it should, please try troubleshooting before concluding that the product is defective and or malfunctioning. Often times, issues can easily be resolved by following a few steps. If you're still having trouble, please contact us. We're here to help! 


As of November 2020 Strava has officially reintroduced the heart rate monitor pairing feature with its smartphone app for all users. Mo-Fit Heart Rate Monitors are compatible with the Strava app.

The HRM feature was temporarily removed by Strava for 14 months. In September 2019 Strava discontinued their support for all external heart rate monitors. The HRM feature has since been reactivated.  



Please Note: Your new Mo-fit HRM operates with advanced, ultra-low power consumption, wireless technology. The HRM does not need to be turned ON or OFF like a conventional electronic device. When not in use (paired and communicating with your device), the HRM enters into a state of standby/ hibernation sleep.